There are few more important factors when purchasing a property than the local services and amenities that will be at your family’s disposal for years to come. Its common knowledge that proximity to a local school or a well valued service can have a significant impact on the value of a property. Indeed, identical houses on neighbouring streets can have up to a 30% price difference dependent on whether or not they are in the qualifying band for a sort after school or perimeter based service such as a doctors.


This is why at EBRC we highly recommend that you visit the local area where your choosing to buy and apartment or home to see if its really for you! And what better way to do that with a Secret Hotel? Stay at one of the cities finest establishments at just a fraction of the price.


Of course, Secret Hotels by their very nature can make planning a property viewing trip difficult… So here at EBRC we’ve gone to the trouble of listing local facilities that supply that hotel, or of course, the homes you’ll be looking at.

Good luck with your viewings!